Research and Continuing Medical Education (CME)

SAIPH encourages research and continuing medical education

Support for medical research

SAIPH launched in 2007 the prize of research in cardiology and cardiovascular surgery in partnership with STCCCV (société tunisienne de cardiologie et de chirurgie cardiovasculaire), in order to encourage medical research in Tunisia. With an amount of 10,000 dinars, this prize pays tribute to Professor Ali Bousnina, one of the pioneers of cardiology in Tunisia.

12th Edition

The 12th edition of the Ali Bousnina Prize of the SAIPH Laboratories for Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery was won this year by the team of the Functional Exploration and Cardiac Resuscitation Department of the Rabta University Hospital.

The award-winning work is entitled «Prognostic factors for cardiogenic shock complicating myocardial infarction with ST segment elevation»

The award was presented on Friday, October 26, 2018, in Tabarka, by Mr. Youssef Chahed, Head of Government, to Professor Sami Mourali, Head of the Award-Winning Department, in the presence of many Tunisian, African and European cardiologists, gathered on the occasion of the 38th National Congress of Cardiology and the General Director of SAIPH Laboratories, Mr. Ramzi Sandi.

For continuing medical education (CME) accessible to all doctors.

In order to make continuing medical education accessible to all Tunisian doctors, SAIPH launched the SAIPH ACADEMY operation in 2017. A technical platform has been created for this purpose enabling to broadcast in real time the trainings provided (in live streaming), and the connected doctors to interact with the speakers, ask questions or make comments. Since its launch, SAIPH ACADEMY has been attended by several hundred doctors practicing in all regions of the country.

Podcasts are also available on our website, to allow doctors to review these courses.