Our responsibility

SAIPH adheres to ISO 26 000 standard

SAIPH Laboratories perceive social responsibility as the application of the principles of sustainable development. It is the responsibility of SAIPH to evaluate, in order to control, the impacts of its decisions and activities on society and on the environment. This is translated by a transparent and ethical behavior in regards to the core issues and areas of actions of ISO 26000.

Thus, SAIPH is committed to:

  • Recognizing the interests of all stakeholders by establishing effective dialogue with them.
  • The development, diffusion and application of a social responsibility charter
  • The introduction of responsible purchasing procedures taking into account societal impacts.
  • Improvement of waste management through the control and reuse of consumables: paper, plastic, glass, printer cartridges …
  • The reduction of energy consumption by the adoption of green technologies, by installing more energy-efficient equipment and the reuse of ejected energy carriers (smoke, steam ...)
  • Regularly monitor events and meetings related to ISO 26000 Social responsibility of organizations and the implementation of their recommendations