A Medicines export platform to the entire region of West and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Benefiting from an initial investment of over 20 million US Dollars, the new IVORY SAIPH plant, located in Abidjan and whose first stone was laid on June 12, 2017, aims to supply the Ivorian market with essential medicines and improve the Ivory Coast’s coverage rate for locally manufactured medicines.

IVORY SAIPH will also be a platform for the export of medicines to the entire West African region in a first stage, and subsequently to all sub-Saharan Africa.

The IVORY SAIPH plant, located on 35,000 m², is currently the largest medicines factory in Ivory Coast. It will goes into production in 2019..

IVORY SAIPH and its Ivorian employees will benefit from the expertise of the executives of the parent company, SAIPH Tunisie Laboratoires, with more than 25 years of experience and logistics provided by the Arab investment fund ACDIMA, particularly in pharmacokinetics, bioavailability and bioequivalence studies.

Saiph Ivoire
Saiph Ivoire