Training and Professional Development

Professional Training is a major component of human resource development and is generally a factor for development.

It will help to develop the skills of different jobs and provide the company with the means to improve productivity and to increase competitiveness.

The professional development project focuses on three actors:

  • The collaborator : He is the main actor of his career management.
  • The manager : He is responsible for the implementation of the professional development within his team
  • The HR function : It facilitates the conception, execution and monitoring of the professional development process in connection with other HR processes

Skills management

  • Is the responsibility of managers and human resources
  • Retain talent through skills development
  • It is assessed through a maintenance process

Career Management

At the end of the interviews, the managers make a point with HR on the individual development plans to put in place.

The three characteristics of the development plan

Specific to the person
Depends on
  • Learning style
  • Background
  • Aspiration to develop
Focused on short-term development goals
Designated to

Promote performance in the current position

Focused on medium-term development goals
Designated to

Prepare the career development stage

The main development actions

On the job
  • Participate or manage a project
  • Develop other skills
  • Participate in different meetings
Coaching, mentoring
  • To be supervised by a leader
  • Exchanges of good practices
  • Internal and / or external training
  • Participation in seminars
  • Reading
New job and new responsibilities
  • Job rotation
  • Delegation of new tasks
  • Expansion of responsibilities