Présentation Saiph

For the past three years, SAIPH has been recording the best development of the pharmaceutical market in Tunisia.

These encouraging results prompted SAIPH shareholders to increase their investments in order to sustain the Laboratory and give it the means to play the first roles in the Tunisian pharmaceutical industry.

Much of what has been achieved, investors have decided to invest even more resources to change SAIPH’s status as a national company to that of a multinational, at the African level in an early stage.

At the Tunisian level, SAIPH now has an industrial site comprising five (05) factories, manufacturing sterile forms, cephalosporins, penicillins, dry and liquid forms and soft capsules (soft gelatin) and Powders to inhale.

SAIPH manufactures generic drugs, treating the major pathologies in the region, including cardiovascular drugs, antibiotics, antalgics, anti-inflammatory drugs, psychiatric drugs,etc…

SAIPH also manufactures princeps for the largest multinationals.